Our Alliance Partners.

PhoenixCTI has established successful relationships with a carefully selected group of Companies. We work closely with these alliance partners to ensure our clients receive the highest levels of service and performance. We continually seek the latest and the best of the current technologies for our clients so we may offer the best possible solutions.

"Our mission from the onset was to improve the lives and well-being of older adults by empowering those who care for them with technology that enables high quality, person-centered care. By combining the best minds in gerontology with the latest web technologies, we’re achieving these goals." --Kent Carlson, Founder of RCSPros contact us here or visit us at rcspros.biz.


A leading provider of enterprise self-service solutions used by Global 2000 organizations. The company's software enables enterprises to automate, integrate and personalize interactions with customers and employees through multiple channels, yielding stronger, more profitable relationships.  If you would like more information Click Here.

GM Voices produces audio programming services for telecommunications, computer telephony and Internet applications. Working with top-caliber voice actors, GM Voices offers turn-key communications solutions for clients located throughout North America and around the world. From the voice that greets you when you call for your bank balance to the voice on a corporate training CD-ROM, GM Voices helps companies communicate more effectively.  If you would like more information Click Here.

Nuance Communications is the leading provider of speech recognition and speaker verification software for V-Commerce™ and telecommunications transactions. Users interact with deployed Nuance systems more than a million times daily, using everyday conversational language.  If you would like more information Click Here.

IntraNext Systems is at the forefront of providing industry-wide CTI solutions based on open-standards technology and compatible with most major telephone systems including those from Aspect, Lucent/Avaya, Nortel, Rockwell, Siemens/Rolm, and Intecom. With more than 15,000 agents across North America using IntraNext solutions, IntraNext is a clear leader in field-proven, fully-integrated CTI applications for medium-to-large customer service center environments. IntraNext Systems provides both custom and commercially available CTI solutions and specializes in multi-site call centers.  If you would like more information Click Here.

Verint® (formerly Mercom) provides award-winning interaction recording and performance evaluation solutions, scalable to meet the needs of very large to small organizations. With well over 6000 Audiolog™ Interaction products installed in leading call centers, mission-critical public safety and government agencies, utilities, and financial institutions around the world, Verint® has achieved a reputation for excellence through solutions that transform recorded interactions into valuable business insight.  If you would like more information Click Here.

Dialogic (formally Eicon Networks) is a leading designer, developer and manufacturer of quality communication products for networked business applications. Founded in 1984 and Headquartered in Montreal, Canada, Eicon today has a global presence with regional offices across the world distributing, marketing and supporting its products in more than 80 countries through a network of channel partners.  If you would like more information Click Here.

The source for the latest products from leading manufacturers like Aurora, Carlo Gavazzi, NMS Communications, and PIKA Technologies.  If you would like more information Click Here.

Past Alliances.

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