PhoenixCTI Service Details.

We pride ourselves in knowing what we can successfully do for you and knowing what we can not.  No smoke and mirrors, just an honest relationship.

Staff Scheduling Services

PhoenixCTI has developed a new scheduling service named StaffDaD. StaffDaD is the result of a request to develop custom software to solve a staff scheduling problem in the Resident Care industry. StaffDaD, which is short for Staff Scheduling Drag and Drop, was so well received that our clients requested PhoenixCTI release StaffDaD as a stand-alone system. Price point was and still is very important, as in many cases profit margins are very tight in the areas where staff scheduling are most needed.

We listened, and StaffDaD is one of the lowest cost solutions, if not the lowest cost cloud based solution in existence today. There are other software staffing products on the internet but, they are more expensive and include, in our opinion, cumbersome features that our clients were not willing to pay for. We don't directly interface with billing systems or time keeping systems and we don't bill you for it either.

For more information Contact PhoenixCTI Here.

Contact Center & Business Process Automation Consulting

PhoenixCTI utilizes consultants with expertise across the entire family of PhoenixCTI products and services to deliver a comprehensive assessment of your organization and your next project.  We provide consulting to our direct customers, partners', and through third parties.  If you would like more information Click Here.

Standalone Project Management

PhoenixCTI utilizes consultants with specific skill in your area of need to deliver your project quickly and under budget.  We provide consulting to our direct customers, partners, and through third parties.  If you would like more information Click Here.

Application Development & Professional Services

Expert PhoenixCTI professionals are standing by to construct your solution utilizing deep experience in design, coding, documentation, testing, and overall project management.  Professional services are available in a variety of packages that include significant discounts for prepayment.  If you would like more information Click Here.

Maintenance, Support & Training

PhoenixCTI offers vendor maintenance on every solution that we sell, including benefits such as hardware performance guarantees, core software support, software patches, trouble-ticket management, problem diagnosis, and much more.  Flexible PhoenixCTI support plans offer everything from hands-off remote maintenance to on-demand discounted developmental support.  PhoenixCTI sells certified training with every solution so that you are as self-sufficient as you want to be.  If you would like more information Click Here.