PhoenixCTI Product Details.

A list of products we pride ourselves in knowing offers you the best available.  There are a lot of choices out there, which can be confusing, let our experience help you make the better choice.

Staff Scheduling (StaffDaD)

PhoenixCTI has developed a new scheduling product named StaffDaD. StaffDaD is the result of a request to develop custom software to solve a staff scheduling problem in the Resident Care industry. StaffDaD, which is short for Staff Scheduling Drag and Drop, was so well received that our clients requested PhoenixCTI release StaffDaD as a stand-alone system. Price point was and still is very important, as in many cases profit margins are very tight in the areas where staff scheduling are most needed.

We listened, and StaffDaD is being delivered as one of the lowest cost solutions, if not the lowest cost SaaS cloud based solution in existence today. There are other software staffing products available but, they are more expensive and include, in our opinion, cumbersome features that our clients were not willing to pay for.

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Resident Care Systems

PhoenixCTI has extended is base support and experience into a new vertical; working with our partner RCSPros to deploy the latest in Resident Care Information Management systems.   Resident Care Systems (RCS) software is a simple-to-use web-based tool for coordinating responsiveness, maintaining accurate records, pushing personalized information to caregivers on an as-needed basis, and facilitating effective communication. RCS is ideal for assisted living, independent and memory care facilities.  Visit us directly at for more information or contact us directly here.

Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

By intelligently combining IVR automation and live agent assistance, you can reduce costs and increase customer satisfaction at the same time.  PhoenixCTI can provide an IVR interface that integrates smoothly with your back-office infrastructure and delivers applications like automated payment, order status, address capture, and others.  PhoenixCTI  can also design your own custom applications and can leverage technologies like speech recognition, text-to-speech, and speaker verification.  If you would like more information Click Here.

Speech Recognition & Speaker Verification

Through the power of speech recognition products and related technologies, the human voice is all a person needs to access instant information and conduct transactions from any land line or wireless phone, car or other handheld device.  PhoenixCTI can create speech applications as simple as capturing an alphanumeric account number, or as advanced as a natural language menu system.  If you would like more information Click Here.

Computer Telephony Integration (CTI)

Computer telephony integration unifies voice calls with actual agent desktop activity.  PhoenixCTI can use CTI to implement a screen pop of your existing desktop, gather data for enterprise reporting, provide skills-based routing, build a multi channel desktop, and send contacts to multiple sites.  If you would like more information Click Here.

Automated Customer Surveying With REAL-TIME Feedback

PhoenixSURVEY offers real-time feedback and transforms customer experiences instantly.  Using a touch-tone phone, callers document their experience as soon as their call has concluded.  They also record an open-ended message that can be played back by any employee with a web browser.  These recordings, all survey statistics, and graphical data analysis are available real-time through a browser-based interface.  Low scores are automatically redirected to a save agent.  If you would like more information Click Here.

Automated Name & Address Capture/Change Solution

PhoenixCTI uses an exhaustive third-party database to lookup valid caller information by home phone number.  This can be linked to your IVR so that inbound callers confirm their current address before speaking to a representative.  If a correction is required, PhoenixCTI uses speech recognition technology to document their new address and add it to your customer database.  Plus, the same data lookup can be added to your existing CRM desktop to assist with live calls.  If you would like more information Click Here.

Quality Monitoring & Recording

PhoenixCTI captures multimedia interactions that provide executives and decision makers with valuable insights that drive performance.   Quality monitoring provides a single point of access to customer interactions for agents, supervisors, coaches, managers and everyone in the enterprise that deals with customer interactions.  PhoenixCTI can provide a full- or part- time system with integrated reporting and optional screen capture, coaching, and record-on-demand tools.  If you would like more information Click Here.

Work Force Management

Workforce management solutions forecast future contact volumes, schedule resources to meet those forecasts, and then report on actual adherence to the plans.  PhoenixCTI can help you use workforce management tools to focus on the people, processes, and technology needed to align performance measurements with business goals, evaluate productivity and performance, and implement on-going improvements.  If you would like more information Click Here.


A knowledge base is a centralized repository for information that delivers more consistent answers to common questions and deflects live interactions to a less costly channel.  You can use a knowledge base to optimize information collection, organization, and retrieval for your customers and your agents.   PhoenixCTI can deploy a knowledge base for internal or external use via a web site, as well as automate portions of e-mail and chat responses.  If you would like more information Click Here.

Email Management

E-Mail Management solutions make possible the same level of queuing, routing, and reporting flexibility that you would expect for call handling from an advanced ACD.  PhoenixCTI can deploy a basic e-mail management tool that gives significant visibility into agent and department activity, and can also add knowledge base integration so that e-mails are presented to agents with recommended blocks of response text already included.  If you would like more information Click Here.

Telephony Hardware Solutions

PhoenixCTI deploys as much or as little hardware as is necessary for your custom solution.  In fact, PhoenixCTI uses internationally-recognized brands of telephony adapters so that you can purchase your own server, snap in a single telephony card, and process voice calls on a server platform that you custom-crafted to meet your needs.  Complete turn-key solutions are also available, and these can be delivered and installed entirely by our own team of engineers.  If you would like more information Click Here.