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PhoenixCTI has established successful relationships with a carefully selected group of alliances. We work closely with these partners to ensure our clients continually receive the highest levels of service and performance. We seek the latest and the best of the current technologies for our clients so we may offer the best possible solutions.

Jun 2014 - PhoenixCTI Launches

StaffDaD is a simple, low cost, easy to use Drag and Drop scheduling tool. You can easily assign shifts to employees and then notify them of their schedule. Rather than copy a lot of additional text from the StaffDaD website, lets just send you there. Click so you can see, feel and understand our new SaaS offering.

Don't forget to sign up for your free trial, and be sure to send us any feedback you wish. We have learned to never underestimate our customers; if you have an idea or suggestion, send it along and who knows, it might just make it into the next release of

Mar 2014 - We are Hard at work...

Wow, WOW, it's looking pretty nice... Hope you are as excited as we are about Some functionality that wasn't in the initial scheduler that has been incorporated includes:

  • The ability to notify staff members on mass, by filtered group, or individually using email, or SMS;
  • A full set of reports to allow someone to see what's going on and understand how their staff is scheduled, today, tomorrow and any time in the future;
  • Quick and easy interfaces to deal with employee data, shift data, staff banner messages, system coloring and configuration;
  • An expanding set of FAQs, making self-help a real possibility, not just lip-service;
  • An easy method to get help from the PhoenixCTI staff if the FAQ just doesn't do it for you;
  • The ability to allow non administrative staff to log in and see their own schedules from anywhere using any web enabled HTML5 device.
  • and, much more but need to leave some things for the actual launch.
All in All, it's amazing how quickly the extensive amount of functionality is coming together. Testing is ongoing and of course as our testers suggest enhancements, we are more then eager to consider and incorporate them. Stay tuned for very soon you too could be using StaffDaD Drag and Drop Staff Scheduling.

Nov 2013 - PhoenixCTI begins StaffDaD development...

After our successful roll-out of the replacement scheduler within RCS, and the continued positive feedback we receive about it, PhoenixCTI has decided to enhance that base component and develop a fully independent SaaS product upon it.

The new products name is and will offer anyone with an internet connection and a fairly modern browser, the ability to setup an account and use the same powerful Drag and Drop scheduler now available in the RCSPros product RCS. Of course the new product will incorporate all the latest ideas, suggestions and comments submitted by existing customers, our own thoughts on what should be part of the product and other scheduling alternatives outside the scope of the RCS customer base.

"We are excited to get started and see how the full product will look and feel."

Sept 2013 - PhoenixCTI develops new Schedule for

As part of our ongoing partnership with RCSPros, a need arose to replace the existing embedded personnel scheduler within RCS with one that was more user friendly. RCSPros asked PhoenixCTI to take a look and see what we could come up with. After several information gathering meetings with existing RCSPros customers, PhoenixCTI defined and refined an approach to the scheduler problem that would satisfy the needs, wants and desires requested by the customers.

Some key items were the ability to easily manipulate existing schedules, bring forward old information to jump-start future schedules being developed, print schedule information in a compressed, easy to understand format, and have it done as soon as possible. With all these elements considered, PhoenixCTI came up with a system that allowed RCS users to achieve all their needs, wants and desires in just a few sort weeks. The new Drag and Drop scheduler was easily integrated within the RCS system and fully replaced the existing awkward scheduler function.

We can proudly say that the new scheduler was enthusiastically received by the RCS customer base with comments like "Exactly what we wanted and more..." and "Now that's what I call a Scheduler..."

June 2013 - and

PhoenixCTI is the premier system Value Added Reseller and partner with RCSPros enabling PCTI to sell, support and provide customization to  the RCS developed Resident Care System. This partnership extends the already significant product base for PhoenixCTI into the assisted living, independent and memory care facilities vertical. PhoenixCTI will use its existing experience to assist new Resident Care facilities to identify, understand and implement the RCS solution and to bring improved information sharing and communication productivity to their organizations. PhoenixCTI provides extensive RCS system information at their newly launched website.

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